Pedro Rodriguez, 1971 18/01/1940, Pedro Rodriguez de la Vega is born the in Mexico City, Mexico.

Pedro Rodriguez first gained Formula 1 prominence winning the 1967 South African GP in a Cooper-Maserati. His victories in endurance races at the wheel of the John Wyer entered Gulf Porsche 917 turned him into one of the sport’s greatest all-rounders, while his accomplishments in F1 were largely hampered by the less competitive BRM cars. As his younger brother Ricarod, Pedro was killed at the wheel of a racing car. A strange accident with a Ferrari 512M sports car during a German Interseries at the Norisring, where he hit the retaining wall head in the Esses head-on, took his life.

Born: 18th of January 1940 in Mexico City, Mexico;
Died: 11th of July 1971 at the Norisring, city of Nürnberg in Germany, aged 31.


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