Johnny Servoz-Gavin, 2005 18/01/1942, George-Francis Servoz-Gavin is born in Grenoble, France.

Johnny Servoz-Gavin’s first F1 World Championship race was a one-off start with the Matra team at the 1967 Monaco GP. A year later he replaced the injured Jackie Stewart at the wheel of the Tyrrell Matra-Ford in the 1968 Monaco Grand Prix where he schocked the opposition by qualifying 2nd and leading the race for the first three laps before hitting the chicane barrier and breaking a driveshaft. His best F1 result would remain a 2nd place the same year at Monza. Crowned as 1969 European Formula 2 Champion and given occasional F1 starts in the Matra MS84, his best result with the four-wheel-drive Formula 1 car being a 6th place in the Canadian Grand Prix. Having witnessed a number of fatal accidents amongst colleagues and friends, Johnny got increasingly worried about the dangers involved and after failing to qualify for the 1970 Monaco GP, the Frenchman decided to call it quits. Three years later François Cevert, his replacement at the Tyrrell team, died in a violent crash in Watkins Glen. In 1982 Johnny himself suffered on his sailboat the kind of accident he feared most: A leaking gas bottle exploded and engulfed his boat in flames, causing him severe burns.

Born: 18th of January 1942 in Grenoble, France;
Died: 29th of May 2006 in Grenoble, France, aged 64.


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