Jim Clark, Lotus 49T-Cosworth 2.5 V8, 1968

20th of January – Tree weeks after winning the South African Formula 1 Grand Prix, Jim Clark debuts the new red and white Golden Leaf Team Lotus livery with golden linings at the 3rd round of the 1968 Tasman series by clinching the Lady Wigram Trophy in New Zealand. Contrary to some reports Lotus wasn’t the first team to introduce non-automotive sponsorship. Do you know which Team came first to Colin Chapman and when they presented the first ever full sponsorship livery to the public on a race car at an international motor racing event?


3 thoughts on “New livery a big deal for Lotus

  1. While searching for something else, I found out that the first pilot to race in F1 with a sponsored car was John Love on the 1968 Soth African GP. Love entered the event with a Brabham BT20 showing the Gunston cigarrete brand. Is this the answer?

  2. Cool! However, I found out this info somewhere else, while searching for another stuff related with Lotus chassis 88B. I came across this and thought to myself: “Hang on, Mario has “quized”something related with this somewhere in time!”. And I came back here. 🙂

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