Franz Tost 20/1/1956, Franz Tost is born in Trins, Austria.

Franz raced in German and Austrian Formula Ford as true one-man-show, acting as race driver, his own mechanic, team manager and truckie, too. With such a constellation he won the 1983 Austrian FF2000 Championship. Unable to find a budget to improve the situation, he focussed on a degree in sports management from Innsbruck University. He worked his way into a team management role and, after a sint at EUFRA Racing, became Team Manager at Willy Weber’s Formula 3 team until it was sold. Weber kept Tost in his management company making him the personal advisor to the young Ralf Schumacher on his way to F1.

When this was accomplished he took on the role of Operation Manager for BMW’s F1 programme for a couple of years before being hired by Didi Mateschitz as team principal to Red Bull’s second F1 team Toro Rosso culminating in the first ever Grand Prix win of the tiny outfit, formerly known as Scuderia Minardi, courtesy of a flamboyant drive by one Sebastian Vettel at the 2008 Italian GP. Franz has come across as a as a tough and demanding team principal, but he has also earned himself a fine reputation in F1 as a disciplined, hard working team player. That’s why it’s unlikely Franz will spend the day preparing a birthday party, rather than preparing the upcoming F1 season. Happy Birthday, Franz.


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