Bryan Bouffier and Xavier Panseri produced the performance of the 100th Rally Monte Carlo when they climbed from P7 to P1 on a single stage, before calmly controlling from in front to the finish. Peugeot wanted to win the centenary Monte badly, and they succeeded!

The Peugeot 207 Super 2000 was the car to have, eventually notching up eight fastest times from 13 to emerge as the fastest car of this year’s “Monte”. Stéphane Sarrazin collected the highest number of stage wins (four) and completed the final test in P3 before checking into the final Time Control on the harbour side in Monaco to hand the podium finish to Peugeot UK’s Guy Wilks who is contesting the entire championship this season. Wilks/Pugh put in a strong, mistake-free performance to kick off their 2001 IRC campaign. Meanwhile, Peugeot completed the event with four cars inside the top-five to round off a polished team effort with Skoda driver Freddy Loix in P2 being the only competitor in the top 5 not driving a Peugeot.

Last but not least, a special mention for Norway’s Petter Solberg who made a real mark on the rally despite the Peugeot 207 being completely new to him. He played a key role until the very end of the last stage before being halted by an alternator failure.


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