Who is who 2/2/1909, Enrico Platè dies.

A decent, but not overwhelming driver in both pre- and post-war Grands Prix, Enrico Platè then became a significant and influential figure in post-war grand prix and early Formula One racing as a team owner running Maseratis for decent drivers in all respects, such as Prince “Bira”, Harry Schell, Toulo de Graffenried and notably Tazio Nuvolari, providing the car the Italian legend scored his final victory in the 1946 Albi Grand Prix. He was killed a few days after his 55th birthday in a tragic accident during the 1954 Argentine GP, when Jorge Daponte lost control of his A6GCM and ran into the signaling area where Platè was preparing the pit board for his driver Prince “Bira”.

Born: 28th of January 1909 in Milan, Italy;
Died: 2nd of February 1954 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, aged 45.


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