6/3/1917, Oswald Karch is born in Ludwigshafen, Germany

Oswald Karch raced a BMW Eigenbau Formula 2 race car in both the East German championship as well in the west. In 1952 he switched to a Veritas RS, which he raced in the 1953 German Grand Prix. Left without a qualifying time he found on the last spot of a massive, 34 cars strong grid, the largest ever grid to line up for a World Championship round. After 10 laps his single appearance in the World Championship was over due to engine problems. However, he had a good season in the German F2 championship retiring at the end of the year. Karch now lives in a retirement home in Steinklingen in the Baden-Würtemberg region and unfortunately not in very good state of health.

Born: 6th of March 1917 in Ludwigshafen, Germany;
Died: 28th of January 2009 in Steinklingen, Germany.


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