As we gather further information and onlookers have been questioned by local police, it transpires the – rather vague – information handed by Lotus Renault GP is correct in so far that the right limbs of Robert Kubica very seriously affect in the crash early this morning in the village of San Lorenzo Testico during the Rallye Ronde di Andora.

As spectators at the scene described it, Kubica’s Skoda Fabia went twitchy after hitting a bumpy section, first hit a wall on the right hand side and then speared across the narrow road to hit an end piece of a guard rail head on. The pointy end of the guard-rail then intruded the cockpit through the foot well (see picture above) and deforming the safety cell in such way that Kubica’s right leg got fractured and stuck. Hence the lengthy rescue, effected by he local fire brigade with maximum care.

It is stil not entirely clear, how the RIGHT hand got so seriously injured. It is believed Kubica had been shifting gears when the impact stomped the guard rail end into the cockpit. According to local firemen, the RIGHT hand was very seriously hurt. The previously obtaiined formation, Kubica’s LEFT hand had been severely injured in the car rolling over, turns out NOT to be accurate.

In the meantime Kubica’s manager Daniek Morelli has confirmed that there is no konger an imminent danger of an amputation. But given the seriousness of the injury, there is concern whether the Pole will be able to regain all necessary movements in his right hand in order to continue his F1 career any time soon. A new update is expected at 20.00 hours CET.

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