After a seven hours surgery at the Santa Corona hospital in Pietra Ligure, Robert Kubica is now recovering from the dramatic events of today. Despite the drama of the accident, Kubica actually had some good fortune in the aftermath of his huge crash this morning.

Professor Igor Rossello, the Director of the Regional Centre of Hand Surgery at the Hospital San Paolo in Savona and renowned expert in reconstruction of severed extremities, was available straight away to take over the lengthy and demanding surgery. Dr. Claudio Ciccarelli, the Renault team’s doctor, also participated in the operation. While the good news is that severely fractured right hand and forearm could be reconstructed in bones, tissue and nerves, the surgeon also made clear that Kubica will face a lengthy recovery period of minimum a year before it can be assessed if Kubica has regained full control of his right hand.

Fernando Alonso, a good friend to the polish F1 driver, has been in the Santa Corona hospital to see for himself if he could be of any help and to be at his friend’s side. In the meantime colleagues, team members, personnel from all areas in the sport and fans from all around the World have joined in wishing Kubica a speedy recovery. We would like to join in, too, wishing that Robert a full recovery and the can start working on his comeback asap.


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