Lotus Renault GP issued a further statement on Robert Kubica’s condition.

It said: “Robert Kubica underwent a seven-hour operation at the Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure […] He also suffered severe cuts to his forearm, which could have an impact on his right hand mobility. Doctors are reasonably satisfied with the way the operation went […] Robert’s condition remains stable but serious. He has been placed into an induced coma and could be woken up in the morning.“

Prof Mario Igor Rossello, the responsible surgeon is quoted as saying: “It has been a very important and difficult operation. Robert Kubica’s right forearm was cut in two places, with significant lesions to the bones and the tendons. We did our best to rebuild the functions of the forearm. It took seven doctors, split into two teams and a total of seven hours to complete the operation. One team was the emergency task force from the hospital of San Paolo (Savona) that is normally appointed to treat this sort of injury, while the other team came from the orthopaedic department of the Santa Corona Hospital (Pietra Ligure). At the end of the operation, Robert’s hand was well vascularised and warm, which is encouraging. Following the surgery, Robert Kubica will remain under permanent monitoring overnight because his condition remains serious.”

”The news of Robert’s accident came as a real shock to the whole team” team principal Eric Boullier said: “All of us, at Lotus Renault GP, wish him a quick recovery. We have been really impressed with the way the doctors looked after him […] and we would like to thank the whole team of the Santa Corona Hospital for their professional approach and dedication.” Boullier is on his way to Italy together with Vitaly Petrov in order to visit Kubica, “and tell him that we are impatiently waiting for his return.”


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