Some readers seem to have experienced problems with fonts causing missing captions. We believe to found and sorted the problem. Please download the corrected version by clicking HERE. Sorry for the inconvenience, another lesson learned…


4 thoughts on “Font issue solved

  1. Indeed, sorry to hear that. Problem is, I can’t seem to find decent pictures on him. Would love to honour him in the next issue, but without pics…

  2. I´ll try to find something. I recently saw a couple of them in a brazilian site or blog.
    I have some photos of him in my data base, but i don´t know very much about copyrights etc. I´ll try anyway.
    By the way, great news about Kubica.

  3. I found a very good photo of him, ( on board of the march 711 at Interlagos 1972)and on the bottom it is possible to read the following:
    I can send it to you .
    Schlegelmilch couldn´t help? Reginaldo Leme makes a yearbook every year. Could he be of assistance?

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