Issue number 2 is out and, of course, the title story is the drama Robert Kubica survived last Weekend .

The crew at P1Mag, would like to extend our best wishes for a full recovery. Because we all want to see you back where you belong, Robert: In action behind a wheel.

Finally, needless to say, we are a little late (for our own standards) once again. On the other side, P1Mag is the only weekly publication to bring your pictures of all four 2011 F1 cars introduced in recent days. So I guess you will be happy to forgive us our slight delay.

Enjoy the read!


3 thoughts on “Issue number 2 is out now

  1. Mario,
    Senna and Heifeld will test this weekend for Renault but something tells me is just a politically correct way for the team to give it to the German. Too much of a risk to have two guys with limited experience but it would be really interesting if Senna does really well though !!!!!

  2. Yes, actually P1Mag reported a couple of times, roughly a year ago, that Boullier is keen on Heidfeld. But it didn’t happen, they took Petrov – for money. News on this one came about when issue no.2 had been concluded. Definitely ‘Quick Nick’ ist the best choice out there, no money, but tons of experience. But it also tells a lot about how much Senna’s deal is actually worth. He needs a decent, experienced and influencial management, or it will be over for him.

  3. Agree…I think it’s time for Senna to seek professional guidance !! I am actually surprised he is not taking advantage of Berger’s “expertise”.

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