Robert Kubica received our esteemed colleague and veteran F1 journalist and freely spoke about his his worst injury in an accident ever.

“The fingers work, the arm as well”, Kubica reported. “But only after working really hard will I know for sure. I’ll be stronger as a driver, in the head. I have to return this year. My right arm feels better now than when I was hit by a drunk”, Kubica reminds as of the same arm being broken severely in a road accident.

“It’s a tough workout, severe, it’s good to train concentration”, Kubica explains his motives to go rallying. “I don’t remember anything about the accident, but these things only make you stronger.” But Kubica also feels remorse. “I’m sorry to my mother”, he said, given the shock and the grieve in the aftermath of this serious accident.

In the meantime he has received several visitors. “It was nice to see Briatore, an exceptional person. Then Alonso, Lopez, Petrov, Alesi, Liuzzi – nice gestures. At the races you never see the true face of the people.”


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