20/02/1993, Ferruccio Lamborghini dies in Peruggia, Italy.

A wealthy tractor manufacturer in the 40s, Lamborghini once owned a Ferrari. He soon noticed that some of the clutch components were the same as the ones he used on his tractors. He approached Enzo Ferrari with his criticism, and Ferrari, brushing him off as a simple tractor manufacturer, refused to listen. Lamborghini then vowed revenge and setup his own rival sports car manufacturer nearby the Ferrari factory. His first car, the Lamborghini 350GT, was superior in every respect that Lamborghini had criticised in his own Ferrari. His third model, the Miura, was a ground-breaking and legendary car in the mould of Ferrari’s 250 GTO and 365 GTB/4 Daytona.

The crest of the company, a bull, was taken from Lamborghini’s zodiac sign, Taurus. The Miura was named after a trainer of fighting bulls, Don Eduardo Miura. The famous Countach was named after a local Italian colloquialism, after someone saw the design and exclamed: “Countach!”, pronounced “koon-touch”. Ferrucio Lamborghini had already sold the company when the marque entered Formula 1 in 1989 as an engine supplier and competed in 80 Grands Prix. Even Lamborghini branded F1 cars were entered in the 1991 World Championship, but never scored any points and the team withdrew after just one season.

Born: 28th of April 1916, in Renazzo di Cento, Ferrara, Italy.
Died: 20th of February 1993 in Perugia, Italy, aged 76.


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