A very serious accident occurred today at the Autódromo José Carlos in Interlagos on the outskirts of the city of São Paulo. Brazilian race driver Gustavo Sondermann had to be airlifted in serious condition to the hospital.

During to the preliminary race to the second round of the Brazilian Stock Car Cup, young racer Gustavo Sondermann was involved in a multi-car crash at the “curva do café“ bend during today’s Copa Chevrolet Montana race. Apparently his car was T-boned several times.

The race had to be stopped and Gustavo Sondermann was attended to already on the race track. In an interview, the responsible medic, Dr. Dino Altmann, reported a skull and cerebral trauma, Sondermann had to be reanimated after a respiratory and cardio-vascular arrest by the rescue services attending the site of the crash.

Sondermann was then airlifted to Hospital São Luiz in the Morumbi district with in a stable condition. We are awaiting further information, we keep you posted as soon as there are any news.


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