It is with great sadness we inform that race driver Gustavo Sondermann has passed away after suffering serious injuries in a multiple car crash on Sunday afternoon at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace in São Paulo, Brazil.

During the preliminary race of the Interlagos round for the Brazilian Stock Car Cup, the second round for the Chevrolet Montana Cup taking place in heavy rain, a slight collision on a wet track caused Sondermann’s car to spin across the track.

The car was T-boned several times, the impact being so severe that the driver suffered skull injuries, a cerebral trauma and a broken collarbone. Sondermann had to be reanimated after a respiratory and cardio-vascular arrest by the rescue services attending the site of the crash and was airlifted to Hospital São Luiz in the Morumbi district.

As medical staff reports, the driver arrived in a coma condition (level 3 on the Glasgow scale) and was breathing on a life support device. In intensive care his condition was analyzed in depth. After extensive tests, the injuries were found to be so severe that the medical staff was unable to help to reverse the patient’s deteriorating condition.

We would like to offer our condolences. Our thoughts in these difficult moments are with the family, Gustavo’s girl friend and his many friends.


5 thoughts on “Gustavo Sondermann 1982 – 2011

  1. Very Sad !!
    This accident sent me back to 2007 when a similar crash at the same spot killed R. Sperafico.
    Unfortunately no lessons learned from that accident. Maybe this time…I hope.

  2. I have lost patience with the people running the sport in Brazil, as you can see from my foreword…

  3. I met Gustavo on a few occasions in 2004 when he was driving in Formula Renault in the US. He was a really nice guy. I’m very sad to learn about his death. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  4. I saw several times the amateur video, showing the rescue team working on the accident scene. And after many replays, I realised the reckless manner they acted when they extracted Gustavo from the wreckage. It is visible his silver helmet being bumped against different parts of the cockpit. There was no trace of a paramedic to keep Gustavo’s head imobilized, and they didn’t put on any neck collar before extraction. They just pulled the driver out like being an potatoes sack. If Gustavo’s injuries were critical, the “professional” rescue team, killed him for sure.

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