10/2/1987, Robert O’Brien dies.

O’Brien was a sports car racer from the US who made a few racing appearances in Europe via Belgian contacts. He toured around Europe with a Cadillac pulling a Frazer-Nash racer around on a trailer, but rumours also suggested that O’Brien was actually a CIA man on a mission. However, in 1952 he borrowed Johnny Claes’ Simca-Gordini T15, somehow got an entry for the Belgian Grand Prix and qualified for the last spot on the grid at Spa-Francorchamps, almost 1 and a half minute slower than pole sette Alberto Ascari. He finshed in 14th place, 6 laps down on race winner Ascari. After he left racing, he concentrated on his business ventures which included paticipations in car dealerships and spares retailing in both his home state New Jersey and in New York.

Born: 11th of April 1908 in Lyndhurst, USA;
Died: 10th of February 1987, Hackensack, USA, aged 80.


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