Another very busy Weekend with exciting motor racing taking place all around the World, including the World Championship rounds of Formula One, GT1, WRC and Superbikes as well as plenty of other international racing series taking place. It’s always a challenge to compile all that as quickly and in the most attractive way for our readers.

That, of course, requires everyone involved on the delivery side of things to do their job properly, too. That includes providing the basics on time, respond in an adequate time frame when issues arise and, that’s what press officers and PR people are actually hired for by their employees, solve any unexpected problems that might arise during a busy race weekend.

Again we have been deleayed – or completely let down – by the one or the other series organizer. The consequence is that we will have to rethink our commitment, whether it is feasible to endure he troubles we face to bring certain categories to you, the reader and consumer. We’ll keep you posted.

As for now, as the reason for a slightly delayed issue no.15 is roughly explained, I hope you will enjoy the read of an otherwise colourful and informative new issue of P1Mag. You can download issue no. 15 for FREE by clicking HERE.


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