P1Mag-eZINE will no longer offer coverage on the Porsche Supercup, Porsche Carrera Cup or Porsche GT3 one-make series in its weekly German and English language publication with immediate effect. The decision is in line with P1Mag’s mission to promote professional motor sport free of political influence by car manufacturers.

The P1Mag-eZINE project began almost two years ago, when it was launched as the first ever German language weekly specialist e-Paper for motor sport enthusiasts. As part of the planned three-year-long development process to turn this new product into a competition for the traditional print media, the English language version was launched additionally mid-way through 2010, turning P1Mag into the World’s first ever weekly specialist magazine being published in two languages. Altogether we have published well over 100 issues since, constantly improving and developing „THE RACERS’ MAG“ further.

Contrary to our colleagues from traditional print media publishing companies we are constantly gaining ground, finding new readers around the globe as we approach our third year of operation. Standing at an average of 9.000 downloads per month is quite encouraging, given that our emphasis has so far been centered around product development and honing working processes. We haven’t even started any sort of marketing campaign yet!

However, in those past 100 issues the Porsche Supercup and the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany, have been among those over 70 motor sport categories world-wide we have covered since. We didn’t do this because we felt we should be in the business of doing favors to a wealthy sports car manufacturer by transporting their „we want to sell cars“ message for them – and for free. No. We firmly believe motor sport is about professional teams entering the competition with their choice of talent at the wheel, going for wins, titles and the glory that comes with great achievements. And that – for us – is the only reason why we have initially been offering coverage even on championships that are nothing more than marketing exercises for car manufacturers to sell their product.

P1Mag-eZINE is „THE RACERS’ MAG – MADE BY RACERS“. That’s our mentality, that’s our mission. As probably the only TRULY INDEPENDENT weekly motor sport publication around, we are NOT in the business to help car manufacturers to sell their cars FOR FREE. If we have at some stage been offering coverage on series like the DTM or Porsche’s various one-make series, it has been to highlight the great job the teams involved are doing to offer at least a little bit of sport in-midst of these downright marketing exercises. All we expected in return was a fair and professional interaction with the manufacturers in question. Along with the acknowledgment that every week we put in some of our effort to promote the sporting ambitions of the companies involved. When even such a low-key expectation isn’t met, there is no reason left to continue wasting time and space for something like this.

And as we plan to remain independent from the influence car manufacturers, who’s big wigs love to impose their politics and one-sided propaganda on specialist media, we take the liberty to bin which ever series we feel does not comply with our view of how decent motor sport should look like and what we consider worthwhile reporting about. This is, why you don’t find coverage on the DTM in P1Mag and this is why we – after two years – will cease to report on the Porsche Supercup and the Porsche Carrera Cup with immediate effect.

Again we feel sorry for the teams and their drivers as they are the ones who actually deserve the coverage and should be highlighted, not the manufacturer they buy or lease cars from. We will be looking into ways to do this adequately in the future. But I’m sure all those concerned – outside the Porsche offices anyway – will understand our point of view and the decision. After all they, too, are professionals. And despite the passion for the sport, a professional will want to see his services rewarded, no-one works for free so others can make money on one’s back.


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