Who would have thought that? After last issue ended up with a series of major cock-ups that left me rather embarrassed, Mario (our editor-in-chief) asked me back to have another go in producing a further issue, now with his immediate assistance.

It still is an awful lot of work and a major challenge, but working on the production of yet another issue of P1Mag helped me to understand were I messed up last time. Especially why all the captions disappeared when we published issue no. 16…

So I have every reason to be thankful for this opportunity. Even if for P1Mag’s readership it meant another issue with a delay, I will probably be able to assist Mario far better on the production side in the future to take a bit of the weight he’s been carrying all by himself off his shoulders.

And what a busy weekend it was with Sebastian Vettel showing another superb performance, Alex Tagliani being a very popular pole-setter at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the upcoming Indy 500 and plenty of race winners over the weekend celebrating their successes.

We have the whole story for you in this issue and we hope you will enjoy the read as much as I did compiling it all for you.

Enjoy the read.

Peter Lingenfelter
Deputy Editor P1Mag

Download P1Mag issue no. 17 by clicking HERE


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