What a thriller this year’s 100th Anniversary Indianapolis 500 was! It was exciting to watch one driver after the other falling by the wayside in terms of strategy and when Dario Franchitti had to slow down to make it to the flag with out a splash&dash, the American fans and media representatives were on the top of their toes alike as rookie J.R. Hildebrand seemed on his way to a fantastic debut win. But then it all went wrong for the Californian sunnyboy in the final corner and Dan Wheldon whizzed past to take equally Cinderella tale win. Wow! Wwe got the ehole story for you in this edition.

We could have been up for a similar finale to the Monaco Grand Prix hours earlier on Sunday as Sebastian Vettel led Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, but each one of those closely racing contenders on tires with different strategies in the race and having tires with different variations of degradation. Than a crash involving Jaime Alguersuari and Vitaly Petrov caused a red flag and cars were stationary. Now the most amazing thing happened that left everyone quizzing: Why were they all allowed to switch tires while stationary – in a way under parc fermé conditions – at the starting grid? We felt this was like inducing an anti-climax. How did you see this?.

We got another 87 pages motor sport from around the globe for you in issue no. 18. Enjoy the read!

You can download P1Mag issue no. 18 FOR FREE by clicking HERE


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