5/6/1928, Umberto Maglioli is born in Bioglio, Italy;

An accomplished and versatile sports car racer and endurance race specialist, Magioli only raced occasionally in Formula 1 as a reserve driver for Maserati, Ferrari and Porsche. In the 1954 Italian Grand Prix he shared a Ferrari with Froilan Gonzalez finishing 3rd and in the 1955 Argentine GP, this time sharing with Giuseppe Farina and Maurice Trintignant, he repeated what would be the result of his career again with the Scuderia Ferrari. Being a member of the Porsche works-team in sports car racing, he got a last chance in 1956 to participate in a World Championship round as the Germans entered him one of their 1.5 liter F1 cars at the 1956 German GP. After retiring from the sport he ran a business in Lugano making luxury watches. Umberto Maglioli died after a long illness.

Born: 5th of June 1928 in Bioglio, Italy;
Died: 6th of February 1999 in Monza, Italy, aged 70.


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