15/6/1961, Giulio Cabianca dies.

A successful sports car driver in Italy, Cabianca got noticed by Enzo Ferrari when he won the 1958 Formula 2 Naples GP and then, making his Formula 1 debut in Jo Bonnier’s Maserati 250F, was running 5th at the Italian GP before retiring. He got signed as Ferrari works-driver in sports car racing, but had to look after himself as far as F1 was concerned. He borrowed Ottorino Volonterio’s Maserati 250Fs for the 1959 Italian GP and the following year raced a Scuderia Castellotti Cooper-Ferrari to 4th place in the same event. It was with the same car he then suffered a fatal accident in 1961 at Modena circuit. The car left the track due to a stuck throttle, went through the entrance gate and collided with a passing taxi, killing Cabianca, the cab driver and both passengers.

Born: 19th of February 1923 in Verona, Italy;
Died: 15th of June 1961 in Modena, Italy, aged 38.


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