As we’re about to reach mid-season, in of the championships clear favorites have emerged. While it seems pretty clear a Chevrolet will become the next Touring Car World Champion, Rob Huff might have the advantage and Alain Menu is strong, but defending champion Yvan Muller is also on a roll now. The question remains though: Is there anyone out there who can beat the Chevy armada altogether?

In World Rallying it is similar with Citroen going strong again, it remainsss to be seen though, whether experience will prevail over youth in the „Séb vs Séb“ infight. Even closer things are in IndyCar racing as Milwaukee winner Dario Franchitti and Will Power share the points lead in the series.

While all of this seems less important with sometimes more than half of the season still to go, Robert Wickens had set his sight in finishing the Word Series’ Nürburgring race weekend as points leader as traditionally the half term points leader gets a test session in the current Renault F1 car. And the Canadian reached his goal, soon he’s going to have his first taste of Formula One before resuming the hunt for the title.

We got another 97 pages of motor sport coverage from around the globe for you in issue no. 21. Enjoy the read!

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