While it has to be said that the rather cold and rainy summer has its good sides. Especially as racing is usually more exciting on a humid tarmac. If you needed any further reassurance on that, the Hungaroring Formula One Grand Prix, the 24 hours race of Spa-Francorchamps and the WTCC races at Oscherlebens’s Motorsport Arena delivered the proof.

Were you as disappointed of the rather unfortunate clash of those three races as far a TV coverage goes? While you, could, say, watch the first WTCC race before switching to the F1 coverage, the second race would have you flicking back and forth. And if you were keen to see the final moments of the 24h of Spa, well, you’d have to drop one of the most exciting and hard fought F1 races the Hungaroring has ever seen…

Never mind. We got that and much more of world-wide motor sport coverage summed up for you in this over 100 pages strong issue.

You can download P1Mag issue no. 27 FOR FREE by clicking HERE

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