Something is going on at MercedesGP now and everyone involved is working on a new scenario that is likely to arise: Schuey might quit at the end of the season.

Kimi Räikkönen, a top driver who has his fans among Mercedes-Benz top brass since the days when he was McLaren-Mercedes’ best bet in the title bid and still is massively popular among racing fans all over the World, despite being away from the top class for almost two years now, is the logical choice. We explain why in our latest issue.

So, no summer break here, we got nearly 70 pages of coverage from all around the globe waiting for you in P1Mag’s latest edition.

You can download P1Mag issue no. 28 AS ALWAYS FOR FREE by clicking HERE


2 thoughts on “Räikkönen ready to replace Schumacher

  1. I am hoping Michael do not retire in 2012, he is my favourite driver, i have become friends with him since 1991, he still has it in him, the fault lies from the cars he has had in Mercedes, if the car isnt right how can you suspect Michael to win. i do not care what the media says by insulting him by saying he is to old he is not by a long way, if my husband who is 71 this year still is alert like Michael can still ride a motorbike so can Michael still drive a formula 1 car. just leave him alone he knows whats best.

  2. As a fan you’re entitled to your own opinion. Biased or not. As journalists we deal with facts.

    However, we must clearly refute we have insulted WHOEVER in any of our pablications.

    You expect fairness with your favorite driver, so be fair when dealing with our work, too.

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