19/8/1916, Dennistoun Poore is born in London, UK.

Dennis Poore came from a military family, with links to the Scottish aristocracy, that controled the ship propeller manufacturers Manganese Bronze, he was a British Hillclimb Champion in 1950 and also funded the launch of motor sport magazine Autosport. He was briefly involved in the Connaught team and raced two Grands Prix for the team, his best result being a 4th place finish at the 1952 British GP. He later raced successfully in the Aston Martin sports car team, sold off the propeller business and tried in vain to save Britain’s motorcycle industry by buying Associated Motorcycles, the company which owned Norton, AJS and Matchless, also acquiring Villiers, Triumph and BSA. With the motorbike business having failed, Manganese Bronze developed a car component division, which Dennis ran until his death in 1987.

Born: 19th of August 1916 in London, UK.
Died: 12th of February 1987 in Kensington, UK, aged 70.


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