To make a long story short: Here's the current issue of P1Mag. And yes, Later than usual. But I'm not complaining. After all we have been delivering the proof this mag can be published week after week – and in two languages – on a budget, traditional publishing companies wouldn't be able to even run their postal matters on. And trying the impossible has brought us all this way to where we are. So why not try one or the other challenge to spice up things. 

Oh well, so we got a delay. Still the content – once again – differentiates P1Mag from traditional publications. Try us.

This time we got nearly 100 pages of motor sport coverage from all around the globe waiting for you in P1Mag's latest edition, including the Italian Formula One Grand Prix, GP2 and GP3 Series, Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, GT1 World Championship, WRC, NASCAR, Japanese SuperGTs, IRC, PWRC, F3, TC2000, British Superbikes, you name it. It happened, we got it. And hey, it's still FOR FREE!
You can download P1Mag issue no. 33 AS ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE by clicking HERE

Enjoy the read.

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