So then, Sebastian Vettel once again showed an impeccable race from pole position, held the fastest race lap till the final laps and won yet again in dominating manner, stopping only one point short of becoming Formula One’s youngest ever double World Champion in Singapore – or rather two weeks later in Japan.

The night time spectacle in Singapore aside, there were winners and new crowned championships scattered all over the planet. As usual we did our best, collecting and editing all this information for you. And as real racers we care about all of them. As long as the PR side of the series is of any help that is. So don’t be surprised to learn, who the new 2011 F1 Sidecar champions are, or about the young man who over the weekend became the British Formula Ford champion, for instance.

This time around we got nearly 100 pages of coverage from all around the globe and service pages waiting for you in P1Mag’s latest edition, including World Superbike Championship, Le Mans Series, NASCAR, Superstars Series, STCC, 24h Barcelona, British and German GTs, British Superbikes and Sidecars, rallying, junior Formulae, you name it. It happened, we got it. And hey, it’s still FOR FREE!

You can download P1Mag issue no. 35 AS ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE by clicking HERE

Enjoy the read.


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