So there you are, the first Indian Grand Prix is history, some wrote a chapter full of new successes and records, other wrote another chapter that won’t be remembered as their personal best and others, although not that much in he focus, made their dreams come true last weekend.

Take the likes of Soheil Ayari, Manuel Gião, Alex Fontana, Fabio Gamberini, Sergey Sirotkin, Carsten Knechtges, Tim Scheerbarth, Manuel Metzger, Fabio Babini, Cédric Leimer, Cacá Bueno, Fabiano Machado, Guilherme Silva and Elias Azevedo. You never heard some of these names? That’s what we’re here for: To tell you the story of these drivers, who were the best of their bunch this year.

Congratulations to all 2011 champions and their teams!

So you see, not always the real excitement lies, where everyone is looking. Good thing we gathered all of last weekend’s stories and compiled them in yet another 80 pages plus edition. Championship deciding race or not, we got it anyway. And hey, it’s still FOR FREE!

You can download P1Mag issue no. 40 AS ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE by clicking HERE

Enjoy the read.


2 thoughts on “#P1Mag – Issue Number 40 Is Out NOW

  1. At the time, when this possibility surfaced, P1Mag (or me) wrote, it would be one-year-deal to get back into the swing of things, final destination MercedesGP. So unless a miracle happens and Ferrari wakes up to snatch Rosberg already for 2012, it seems to be true, yes.

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