With Mark Webber’s victory in the Brazilian Grand Prix the 2011 Formula One season concluded last Sunday. And with this edition the line of weekly publications concludes for the year with only the season summary remaining to be published in two weeks’ time.

Not only we report from the final Grand Prix Weekend of the year, we also a have a closer look into the title decisions in the South African motor sport scene and we report on Asian racing and the major racing action in the Middle East.

Congratulations to all 2011 champions and their teams!

We’ve said it before: Not always the real excitement lies, where everyone is looking. Good thing we gathered all of last weekend’s stories and compiled them in an almost 100 pages strong penultimate edition od the year. Championship deciding race or not, we got it anyway. And hey, it’s still FOR FREE!

You can download P1Mag issue no. 44 AS ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE by clicking HERE

Enjoy the read.


2 thoughts on “#P1Mag – The penultimate issue out now

  1. Page 17: “(…) Over the last 51 races, only five drivers have finished on
    the podium Vettel, Webber, Hamilton, Button and Alonso, (…)”

    Not possible! Without searching, it pops into my mind Massa’s 2nd place in Bahrain 2010, Kubica’s 2nd place in Brasil 2009, and Spa 2009 with Kimi P1 – Fisichella P2.

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