10/2/1987, Andrew Linden dies.

Andrew Linden participated in the Indy 500 from 1951 to 1957 and without his car breaking down or being involved in a 3rd lap crash in 1953, he’d finish the big race in the Formula 1 World Championship points scoring positions. Thus his name appears in the points scoring F1 stats, his best result being the 4th place in right his first atempt in 1951. Never fully recovered from a career ending crash in 1957. A former US marine, this colossus of a man became one of the top sprint, midget and AAA drivers just after WW2, but at his peak he was left brain damaged when his helmet was pierced. Despite being confined to a wheelchair for the majority of his life. Andy Linden’s die in 1987, aged 64, but with his pride and determination he managed to learn how to walk again to some degree long before.

Born: 5th of April 1922 in Brownsville, USA
Died: 10th of February 1987 in Torrance, USA, aged 64.


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