Jim Crawford, 2002 13/2/1948, Jim Crawford is born in Dunfermline, UK.

A former test driver of Team Lotus, the Scotsman had his Formula 1 debut in 1975 at the wheel of a then already out-dated Lotus 72. Arguably Jim is likely to have been the last F1 driver who started out as a mechanic and made it through the ranks to a Grand Prix grid. However, his greatest succes came in the US after the occasional runs in F1 didn’t reflect his abilities. He turned out to be a front-runner in Formula Atlantic, Can-Am and, up until 1993, in the CART series, where his greatest success must be finishing 6th in the 1988 Indy 500. After retiring from racing he took up fishing full-time for a living. In 2002, living in Florida’s St. Petersburg with his family, Jim Crawford passed away after a short illness.

Born: 13th of February 1948 in Dunfermline, Scotland;
Died: 6th of August 2002 in Tierra Verde, USA, aged 54 years.


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