24/02/1936, Lance Haugwitz-Reventlow is born in London, UK

The son of Danish nobleman Count Court Haugwitz-Reventlow and American heiress Barbara Hutton and grandson to Frank Winfield Woolworth, founder of the Woolworth store chain, Lance Reventlow wasn’t short of cash at all. After a stint Europe, renting a factory Cooper Formula 2 to participate in various races in Britain, he became inspired to build his own machine, the Scarab sportscar. In the late 1950s Reventlow Automobile Inc embarked an ambitious, but poorly timed front-engined Formula 1 project. Rear-engined cars revolutionized F1 racing at the time and the Scarab was out-dated from the outset, failing to qualify. For the 1960 British GP Reventlow rented a factory Cooper and made a further attempt with the Scarab in early 1961. After a crash destroyed the Scarab, Reventlow lost interest. Being a step-son of Cary Grant, it wasnät surprising to see him dating a variety of actresses in the years that followed. He was killed in an airplane crash in the Rocky Mountains in 1972.

Born: 24th of February 1936 in London, UK;
Died: 24th of July 1972 in the Rocky Mountains, USA, aged 36.


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