Sadly the motor sport fraternity had to deal with another fatality as young Oscar McIntyre lost his life during a race within the Australian World Superbike Grand Prix and we dedicate the late Australian rider a two-page-article. Of course we got a report on the World Supervike and Supersports season-opener, too.

The other major talk of the Weekend was the first ever portponement of a Daytona 500 in more than half a century. Despite having to wait well into Tuesday’s morning hours (CET) we’re bringing you the story of perhaps the most bizarre “500“ ever.

However, contrary to any other weekly magazine around the globe, P1Mag-eZine is the only one “specialist weekly“ being able to include the post-poned Daytona 500 in its coverage. We guarantee you won’t find any Magazine with the 2012 Daytona 500 winner on its title – other than P1Mag that is.

Also the testing season is under way, so you’ll find reports on Formula One and MotoGP test days, including an interview with Woröd Champion Casey Stoner. Plus more stock dcar action from Daytona, the Bathurst 12 Hours race, the season-opener of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge and so much more

To download the issue above please click HERE.


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