Despite immense pressure by a superb Sergio Perez, Fernando Alonso showed all of his competence to take Ferrari to far from expected win in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Mexican Perez was the fastest man on track in the second half of the race and approaching race leader Alonso quickly. But a slight mistake finally made the Sauber drive refrain from a further charge.

Polesitter Lewis Hamilton finished third in a race interrupted by heavy rain, Mark Webber finished fourth ahnead of a yet agan superb Kimi Räikkönen, and Bruno Senna scored his so far berst result in P6. Behind Paul di Resta rookie Jean-Eric Vergne took his first World Champonship points in eighth, with Nico Hülkenberg finishing as berst German driver in ninth.

6 thoughts on “#Alonso bags surprise win, #Perez stars

  1. Hello, Mário.

    It is impossible not to talk about the widespread rumour, wishful thinking, speculation, call it what you like, of a driver exchange between Sauber and Ferrari, namely Perez and Massa.
    I do believe that such exchange, right at this very moment, would be profitable to both sides. Perez is on a Ferrari’s young driver program and he can make the tyres work (and being on the right tyre, at the right moment, and knowing what to do with them, is the key issue on 2012’ F1) and Massa’s style might work with the Sauber and so maybe he would be better off as well.
    Knowing that you have strong feelings about the Massa “family” (no misinterpretations implied), what is your train of thoughts about this subject?

    Best wishes,
    José Carlos Silva

  2. Perez’ performance in Sepang will definitely have triggered a series of things behind the scene. Like a couple of phone calls between Maranello and Madrid…

    I don’t see anything happen that quickly. Imagine the Scuderia puts Perez in the car and it proofs to be such a bitch that he drops way back, too. It would be proof to a wider audience the Ferrari F2012 is a horrible car. No-one wants that kind of headline.

    It could happen prior to Monza, if Massa doesn’t score any decent points till then. But I think a swap will take place. Peter Sauber has had success sourcing new drivers and selling their contracts on for $$$. Like Kimi Räikkönen, remember? I don’t think he is interested in a driver who’s got his F1 career behind him…

  3. No, even though it was Heidfeld in 2001, when I wrote I was realy thinking of Häkkinen. I just missed 10 years and mixed Sauber with Team Lotus (the original one). When I make a mistake, I usually do it big time! 🙂
    However, since Sauber has now Ferrari engines, I wonder if Ferrari would pay Peter Sauber to have Massa in one of their seats. That way, it would be a win-win situation for both teams. As I said “right at this very moment” this exchange would be of major interest because Perez can make the tyres work, just as Massa cannot. But, for 2013, who knows, since regulations tend to change (just as we’ve seen the diference in front tyre size from 2009 to 2010.´

    Anyway, let’s cut to the chase: as you may recall, I always thought you were to harsh on Massa, especially in 2008 and even more in 2009 but time as proven me wrong. However, there’s no denying that Massa had a splendid 2008 and, like or not, he delivered then, just like the then reigning world champion, Kimi, seemed to completely miss that year. From Spain forward (the 4th event) he was nowhere to be seen, even though he finished 3rd on teh championship. But, from 2009 onwards, time has proven me wrong and you correct, as Massa has spiraled down. Do you think Massa is nothing more than an average side-kick, or was he ever really good? Is it preferable to Ferrari to let Massa “fry” this year, since he will be nowhere and has failed to understand that Alonso is way better than he will ever be and, instead of trying to learn from him, he is just puzzled why he can’t keep up wit the Spaniard and will continue to suffer? And, letting him “fry”, not admiting that this year’s Ferrari is like an 1981 312T5, will just make it easy tho sack him at the end of the year?

  4. Well, in 2008 Ferrari had the best car, Kimi had lost a bit of his punch because he had already achieved his goal, and Lewis Hamilton – in his second season – made a lot of mistakes. So why didn’t Massa take the title? Because he – in his SIXTH season – made as many mistakes as Hamilton. And why? He doesn’t learn from his cock-ups. You only learn by acknowledging your deficits in the first place, You then improve by working on hard on the issues. That won’t happen if you keep blaming others.

    And by the way: Sauber fired him after one season – to hire a Formula Renault driver (!!!) – and only took him back because Ferrari paid for the drive. Otherwise that wouldn’t have happened.

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