So I took some time to watch a summary of the so called “debut of the new age of DTM”. Just so I can form an opinion. So what did we get beyond all the hype? Quite frankly, not much of a difference as a result.

If you llok at what the season opening race at the Motodrom Hockenheim had to offer, it was business as usual: A couple of crashes at the first hairpin, Ralf Schumacher once again involved in it and hardly any overtaking all race long. And – listening to comments of those who watched it live and in full length – it was yet another processional race of general boredom. As they have been all those past years.

So what exactly has changed to make it worth the whole “new age” blabla? Oh, yeah, right: Three manufacturers. If you consider how much money has been blown out of the window to create this category, the result is… well, business as usual. The DTM is marketing exercise, handled by marketing people. It won’t get any better as long as it’s run by people who care more about selling cars than the sport.


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