The Porsche Supercup race prior to the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya was called off last minute, leaving spectators on the grandstands and a Europe-wide alike wondering what is going on. The Porsche Motorsport communication apparently doesn’t feel any necessity to clarify the reasons for the race being called off on short notice, allowing rumors and speculations to grow.

One of the comments flying around in the racing community is that the brutal accident Tim Bergmeister suffered last weekend during the Fuji 500 race with a GT300 class Porsche and that sent the German race driver to hospital with several broken bones was caused by a technical failure. The cancellation apparently comes after findings of something breaking on Bergmeister’s car and inmidst fears that something similar could happen again with one – or several – of the Supercup cars, too.

As Porsche constantly insist to shoot themselves in the foot with their lack of decent communication (that’s how we at P1Mag perceive it anyway) and isn’t coming forward with a clear cut declaration on Bergmeister’s accident, nor on the causes for the cancellation of the Supercup race today, speculation will continue to spiral out of control into a massive PR disaster


2 thoughts on “#Porsche #PR disaster shaping up

  1. I was at the race and it was announced that the race was called due to a safety issue, I imagine it had to due with Tim’s incident at Fuji.

  2. Yes, we heard so. What no-one is explaining is how cars deemed safe to practice on Friday and Saturday suddenly are not safe to race on Sunday?

    There is widespread suspiscion it is related to Tim’s accident. Porsche still hasn’t released a statement on what happened at the Fuji 500 – seven days ago…

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