Enough is enough. It is with great sadness that we have to communicate that P1Mag-eZine is forced to drop the coverage from the 2012 #IndyLights season.

As all the other single-seater series in the world that give young and up-coming drivers a platform to perform, we have been supporting Indy Lights since our very first issue almost three years ago. Despite the inherent problems to get decent race reports. Meaning: A true recap of the story of the race, rather then a mere run-down of who finished where.

Nonetheless we have always gone the extra mile to make sure we can include every Indy Lights race in P1Mag-eZine, despite the minimalist infomation supplied by the series’ promoters.

It is incomprehensible to us, how a series promoter can hold a press conference prior to the Indianapolis weekend, to tell the world about plans for the year 2014, when the present situation of the championship leaves a massive amount of room for improvement to give drivers, teams and their sponsor at least a half-decent exposure towards a broad variety of media outlets.

This weekend the responsible media relation personnel totally failed to produce a race report on the #Freedom100. So even the minimum requirement for any motor sport series to be included in P1Mag-eZine’s content hasn’t been fulfilled. Bespite multiple complaints and remainders via the Facebook page and viy email. If we got any answer at all, they were useless, of no help at all to allow us to do our job in a professional way.

Our experience in recent months with the working methods of the communication department of IndyCar – responsible for the communication of Indy Lights – leaves us saddened and disappointed.
But under these circumstances we’re left with no other option than dropping the coverage altogether as these ongoing problems have now escalated to a situation, we no longer are willing to quietly accept.

We are no longer prepared to constantly „repair“ the lack of professionalism of parts the IndyCar media relation personnel to ensure there’s something to report about at all. The quality has been on a constant drop and has hit rock bottom now. What amazes us, is that these evident problems don’t even seem to appear on the radar of @TGJunior and those responsible for the running of the Indy Lights Series.

However, this unpleasant situation has created four white pages in our magazine’s layout and we will certainly not simply hide our disappointment and frustration. P1Mag-eZine issue no. 16 will feature four white pages – and an invitation to contact Amy Konrath, IndyCar’s Vice President of Public Relations/Communications, Denise Abbott or Steve Shunck, Vice President of Public Relations respectively, regarding this ridiculous situation. Perhaps it’s a good idea for drivers, team principals and sponsors to get in touch with them and ask a couple of questions.

Howevere, it’s sad to have to take such a drastic measure. Especially as @E_guerrieri showed a phantastic performance from last to first. #vamosguerrieri

However, our coverage on the Star Mazda Championship and the USF2000 National Championship remains unaffected from this decision as we are very absolutely happy with the media services provided by the series’ organizations respectively.

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