So Audi has won the Le Mans 24 hours race for the eleventh, two of the R18 e-tron quattro have dominated this year’s event, handing Audi the first ever overall win of a hybrid race car in Le Mans. Really? Consumers will relate the term to road cars with a concept of a combustion engine being backed up by an eletric motor to reduce the consumption of fossil energy. Which is not what the R18 e-tron quattro is about. As a matter of fact for 75% of a lap the race winning car is neither e-tron, nor quattro, just a conventional Diesel-turbo-engined LMP1 car. Anything else you might have been told from Sunday afternoon by the Audi PR spin doctors, is nothing but a marketing hoax. You will find a comment on the subject in in P1Mag-eZine’s issue No. 19

Of course, we remember Gareth Roberts and Marcel Engels in this edition, two young men, who lost their lives in separeted, tragic incidents. But we also got a lengthy report on the Le Mans 24 hours race with features on Toyota, the DeltaWing and the LMP2 and GTE classes. MotoGP, Moto and Moto3 racing from Silverstone, single-seaters from IndyCar down to F3 and Formula Renault, NASCAR and Racing Elite League and so much more.

To download the issue above please click HERE.

Enjoy the read.


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