In this edition we bring you the full German Formula One Grand Prix weekend coverage, plus GP2 and GP3, from Brazil we report on WTCC and Auto GP, from the US we got IndyCar, NASCAR and ALMS, we have a peek at rallying with IRC’S Sibiu Rally, and we got Superbike racing covered with the World Championship in Brno, the British series at Brands Hatch and the German counterpart IDM, having raced across the border at the Assen TT circuit. On top wew got a variety of GT and single-seater events.

To download the issue above please click HERE.

Enjoy the read.


2 thoughts on “#Alonso is half-time champion

  1. I’ve been waiting for this issu to have been released to ask you this: Joe Saward wrot last week that Scuderia Toro Rosso technical director Giorgio Ascanelli is officially “on holiday”.
    Since the F1 summer break does not come until after the Hungarian Grand Prix, it would be logical for the team’s technical director to take that break as factories shut down at that point. Since Ascanelli is a great friend of Pat Fry, do you recon he might have benn offered a job over there?

  2. To be perfectly honest with you: What is going on at the Scuderia in the background is pure mayhem. They are winning, they are leading, but still they are very much into the headless chicken impersonation. That’s regarding the driver’s choice alongside Alonso as it affects all departments in R&D. Ascanelli is history at Toro Rosso, that one is true. But my guess is that it’s mainly because he hasn’t really had th eimpact evveryone expected. As far as I know he will continue in F1 – Ferrari or not – on a consultancy basis.

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