We live in hurried times, where everything has to be done on short notice and tight deadlines. But when something is close to your heart, you want to make sure it’s done properly. Whatever time frame it might require. This certainly applies this edition, which not only is a compilation of one of the busiest race weekends of the year in about 160 pages!

Of coursse we made sure to prepare an adequate tribute to Professor Sid Watkins. And as every issue we publish is produced in two languages, unvariably this took some time. The result is well worthwhile reading to get a grasp what immense impact the “Prof“ had on safety in motor sport in all levels and all around the globe.

Speaking of which, we went around the globe and picked up title decisions in categories our fellow competitors probably haven’t even heard about. Check it out, especially if you’re from South Africa.

To download the issue above please click HERE.

Enjoy the read.


2 thoughts on “A Tribute To Prof. Sid Watkins

  1. Hamilton-Perez-Schumacher.
    Now then, Alguersuari on a Sauber? I really like this spaniard, looks pretty strong on the technical side, and I’m really fond of such pilots (Schumacher, Webber, Button, Barrichello, Prost, Lauda, Donohue, JP Jabouille, just to mention a few of the likes)

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