For the second time in his life, Michael Schumacher took a decision that certainly didn’t come easy. Once again we’re sorry to see him go but happy that he has survived two careers in good shape and perfect health. We’ll sent him off in style after the flag drops a final time for him in Brazil on the 25th of November.

As you might have noticed, we have skipped a week and that’s for a good reason: Having proved in 2011 that we can run a weekly e-zine in two diferent language editions – and on a shoestring with a lean operation – for an entire season, we’re now about to enter a new avenue. It’s too early to talk about it, but be ready for a surprise. Hang on in there, I’m positive you’re gonna like what we’ve got in the pipeline for you.

Howwever, we’re dropping the weekly format for the remainder of the season and will limit the number of issues in the final quarter of the year to just six editions: One after each of the remaining 2012 F1 Grands Prix and a final end-of-season issue.

Once again the past two weekends have been very, very busy in terms of championship decisions taking place, like Sébastien Loeb nad Daniel Elena scoring their ninth World Rally title and Max biaggi securing his title in World Superbikes by half a point, his fifth career World title. Of course we’re telling all of those stories in this issue, with near to 180 pages the most voluptuous of the season.

To download the issue above please click HERE.

Enjoy the read.


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