After Sergio Perez took the second McLaren seat in a surprise move after Lewis Hamilton had anounced his switch to Mercedes AMG, it seemed like the only top driver to have failed to secure a seat with a top team was… Kimi Räikkönen. But not only THIS video suggests surprising news on the horizon.

With all the top teams’ seats taken, except Felipe Massa’s pending situation at Scuderia Ferrari, the silly season seemed pretty much restrained to the midfield teams and drivers. Look ahead for 2014 and the musical chairs might have stopped in a surprising way – and fascinating one for Formula One fans out there.

While McLaren (Button/Perez) and Mercedes AMG (Hamilton/Rosberg) are all set for 2014, Scuderia Ferrari is believed to feature Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel by then. And Red Bull Racing? While Mark Webber has a contract for 2013, a top source in the paddock tells us that Kimi Räikkönen has signed some sort of a pre-contract with the energy drink outfit for 2014.

But that’s not all!

In a deal that is expected to fill the coffers of the Lotus team, the Finn could well be released from his second contract year with the Enstone based team to join… SURPRISE… Scuderia Ferrari! Totally crazy? Yes, indeed it is. But not totally surreal.

Felipe Massa’s poor form over two seasons will cost Ferrari any chance to win the Contructors’ title. And that’s were a big part of the budget comes from. An offer has been made to Michael Schumacher but he didn’t feel like taking it.

The – apparently – unlikely option for the Scuderia: Call the guy back they fired back in 2009 because the new sponsor Santander wanted Alonso and a Brazilian. Bear in mind: This spectacular transfer would likely be for just one season. Unless, of course…

Well, you get the drift, it’s a complicated matter with its outcome largely depending on how contract clauses will pan out and who will take which option as the 2012 championship develops. It’s a chess game between two of Formula One’s top teams and two of the best drivers on the grid.

More details on this in P1Mag-eZine’s issue No. 35.


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