Schorsch Meier, 1998 19/2/1999, Georg Meier dies.

Former off-road rider European and German Motorcycle Champion Georg “Schorsch” Meier was signed by Auto Union to be part of their ‘junior’ team. His first appearance came at the Belgian GP replacing the otherwise busy Hans Stuck, but slid into a ditch when lapping a backmarker lying 6th. At the French GP in July he finished 2nd, despite his burnign his arm badly during a pit stop.

After the war Meier decided to build racing cars with Ernst Loof and Lorenz Dietrich, a former BMW director, and with the BMW 328 powered lightweight Veritas RS and Meier entered the racing car class in 1948 as a test in advance of their entry into single seater production. With a specially built special 3-cam BWM he beat the powwerful supercharged Formula Libre cars, despite running under Formula 2 rules. He went on to win both the German F2 and Formula Libre Championship. He also rode in the German motor bike championship again retiring with a total of six titles to his credit.

Born: 9th of November 1910 in Mühldorf am Inn, Germany;
Died: 19th of February 1999 in Munich, Germany, aged 89.


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