p1mag-ezine-gravatar.jpgP1Mag-eZine, the first ever motorsport related electronic magazine published in two languages, will join the fray of series’ sponsors of Germany based DTM series.

“DTM is a racing category of major importance and well known across the entire globe“, explains Mario-Alberto Bauér, the publication’s founder, major shareholder, editor-in-chief, art director, CEO and the editorial office’s most excessive coffee addict. “ The series has earned itself a reputation of generating thrilling, pannel banging racing action every weekend it hits a race track in Germany or thereabouts, elevating drivers’ talent and teams’ competence to the major value that defines this championship. What impresses me most, is how the involved car manufacturers keep such a low profile and have set it as their sole target to promote the sport while keeping a very low profile regarding any political or commercial involvement“, Bauér added.

The co-operation is a logical step, given the excitement and sympathy DTM promoter ITR has generated in German motor racing over the years, always being fair and of great help to promoters of other racing series in the German and neighbouring landscape, even doing their best to help where they could to benefit motor sport in general.“The interaction with ITR over the years has always been on a very personal and humane level, was always based on a great deal of mutual respect“, the former race driver and German Champion in the 1980s assured. Despite never caring for having a go in a tin-top-series himself.

“As a media professional, representing a new and innovative media project, I came to appreciate that we were always treated to proper standards, ensuring equalty to wealthier and powerful publishing companies, certainly a result of ITR making sure to hire the very best professionals in the business to handle the communication department – regardless the costs“, said Bauér. “Those guys don’t get around too much, like for example to the big apple, but they sure know how to be accurate, trust-worthy and reliable.“

Especially ITR’s expansion into overseas markets, that had been explained and widely communicated many years before one even could think of planning a press conference for that matter, has its attractiveness for P1Mag-eZine on a commercial level. “I don’t know about that ‘today Germany, tommorow the World’ kind of approach. That’s something that went really wrong the last time Germans tried that. But P1Mag-eZine is already the leading publisher regarding weekly motor sport e-zines published to proper magazine standards and in more than one language. But we are looking into expanding into further languages with our magazine and we are planning to have included at least six further languages to our portfolio come the 1st of April 2014, including Japanese, Swabian, Bavarian and Hillbilly Slang. So it was a logical move to join the DTM on this journey“, the Munich based publisher explains.

More Details to be revealed at the DTM-Mediaday on the 9th of April 2013 at the Hockenheimring. If you’re going there, please make sure you ask the board of directors at the press conference about P1Mag-eZine’s partnership with the DTM“, the Brazilian born entrepreneur said. “We could do with a bit of exposure to help us generate busines and pay the bill.“


6 thoughts on “P1Mag-eZine joins DTM as series’ sponsor

  1. Have you not let this one through: “(…) at least six further languages (…), including Japanese, Swabian, Bavarian and Hillbilly Slang” and I would have bought it plain simple! 😀

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