Editor-in-chief : Mario-Alberto Bauér

Frontpage images : Schlegelmilch Photography

Photographers : Daniele Amaduzzi, Dennis Ashlock, Dan Ashland, Geoff Burke, John Harrelson, Rusty Jarrett, Burkhard Kasan, Ronald Martinez, McKlein Photography, Shawn Payne, David Purdy, Schlegelmilch Photography, Jeremy Rogers, Rainer W. Schlegelmilch, Jason Smith, Steve Snoddy, Sutton Motorsport Images, Todd Warshaw

Writers : Harald Baiter, Mario Bartkowiak, Mario-Alberto Bauér, Yannick Bitzer, Katharina Brüggmann, Gustav Büsing, Jeff Carter, Daniel Cornesse, Don Dahlmann, Peter Dahlmanns, Maxillian Graf, Daniel Geradtz, David Heimann, Amanda Hunt, Kamui Koboyashi, Blanca la Foronda, Peter Lingenfelter, Claudius Lüder, Harry Miltner, Lee Montgomery, David Paasche, Volker Paulun, Stefan Roess, Reid Spencer, Andrew Tsvyk, Jared Turner

Design: Mario-Alberto Bauér

Contact : info@p1mag-ezine.com

Mario Bauer
Rua Salmão 225
88215 Bombinhas

Tel. +55-4796 182 846


2 thoughts on “P1Mag EDITORIAL

  1. Hi
    Great magazine. Why have I not found it before! One problem; how do I subscribe to premium edition? Do you ever include articles on past eras such as 60s 70s?
    Once again congratulations on a real treasure

  2. Hi Jim,

    thank you for your kind feedback.. As a matter of fact P1Mag is still very, very young, trying to learn to stand up. Next step: Walking:)

    As we’re in a constant development process, we’re re assessing what the premium access should offer and we’re getting there. Just give us a bit more time and keep checking this space.

    If you’d like to help us grow, please spread the word among friends, in forums and such. The ,more readers we get, the quicker we’ll grow.


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