12/8/1881, Vincenzo Lancia is born in Fobello, Italy;

Vincenzo Lancia sarted out as test driver with Italian car manufacturer FIAT and was keen on engineering, design and the construction side of the business. Being a very talented driver as well, he was invited to compete in races for his employer. He was an exceptionally fast driver, perhaps the fastest of them all, but often hampered by mechanical failure. His best result remained a 2nd place in the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup. That same year he founded his own Lancia car company with Claudio Fogolin and when his bosses at Fiat found out, he was removed from all racing activites. He then made a couple of attempts to race his own Lancia cars but from 1911 on concentrated on production and development of fast and stylish sportscars . The Lancia car company stood out because it provided a perfect balance of build quality and production numbers. Vincenzo Lancia died in 1937 from a heart attack at 55 years of age at his home town Fovello.

Born: 12th of August 1881 in Fobello, Italy;
Died: 15th of February 1937 in Turin, Italy, aged 55.


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