P1Mag-eZINE is the jewel in midst a cross media project, a weekly motor sport electronic publication distributed over social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and blogging as well as a donor website. Every issue – often consisting of more than 100 pages after busy race weekends – is published in both English and German language, further versions will be launched in the future.

P1Mag-eZINE is available free of cost for the consumer and can be downloaded in a printable PDF version. An e-zine format will be launched soon, also we are working on interesting new apps. It all adds to maximum flexibility, allowing readers to access premium editorial content from the World of motor sport. Wherever they are and whenever they want to.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT P1Mag-eZINE

  1. Super website – well done!! Any articles about Tom Pryce, the Welsh F1 driver who sadly passed away in 1977 at the South African Grand Prix at Kyalami?

  2. Thank you! I’m pretty sure we did somewhere in the past. Have you tried the search function?

    In any case, Tom Pryce won’t be forgotten, rest assured.

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