Mario Bauer, 2007 Mario-Alberto Bauér : Son of German parents, born in São Paulo in 1960, both Brazilian and German citizenship, enjoyed a cosmopolitan lifestyle, a racer to the core with a solid motor sport and media background.

Education / Graduation : Pursued professional career as a race driver along with studies, later graduation in logistics management, certified instructor/coach to administration trainees.

Linguistic skills : Strong command of English, German and Portuguese, conversational French, basics of Italian, a bit of Spanish.

Been there, done that :

Race driver (1980 – 1989) Rising through the ranks from Formula Ford 1600 and 2000 to Formula 3 and touring cars. Major successes: German FF-1600 Champion in ’81 a 2nd place on F3-debut in ‘85.

Mario Bauer, Martini F3, Hockenheim 1985

Team manager (1984 – 1986) Overseeing recruitment, car preparation, logistics, rules application, team-co-ordination and hospitality at tests and races.

Instructor (1986 – 1988) Part-time instructor, coaching novices, offering personal tuition and familiarisation with formula race cars (FF-2000).

Test Driver (1986 – 1996) Track-testing race and rally cars as a free-lancer for various publications world-wide as a part-time job.

Mario Bauer, McLaren F1, Woking 1995

Mar-Comm (1986 – 1990) Organizing Events and stands at major automotive fairs including the production of leaflets, brochures and catalogues. Like: the Frankfurt motor show IAA (Germany), annual awards ceremony for the German Formula 3-Championship and a team-launch in Brazil for driver Max Wilson and his Sponsor Petrobras.

Journalist (1986 – 2009) Motoring and motorsport journalist, latterly thirteen years in FIA-Formula 1 World Championship as writer, reporter, international correspondent and columnist for publications world-wide, including daily newspapers, people magazine’s, financial journals and, of course, specialist publications. In the mid-90s published Formula 1 hardcover yearbook “Grand Prix Insider”. Lead a team of journalists and translators for the first time as editor-in-chief for multilingual Formula1.com website in its early days. More recently head of journalism for Swiss German weekly magazine Motorsport Aktuell, now editor-in-chief of P1Mag.

Mario Bauer & Max Wilson, Williams-Test, Barcelona 1999

Driver Consultant (1995 – 1999) Personal career advisor, media and sponsorship relations manager to the late Marco Campos as well as Max Wilson, André Nicastro and Wolf Henzler. Event management, developing marketing concepts, sponsor acquisition & contractual negotiations.

TV-Commentator (1997 – 1999) Multilingual motorsport commentary for Eurosport-TV in more than 200 motorsport programs, performing live and voice-over commentary, summary race reports and pit lane interviews. Audience record holder among junior formulae TV coverage with the International Formula 3000  round at the 1999 German Grand Prix.

Marcus Grönholm & Mario Bauer, 2003

Speeker / Presenter (1998 – 1999) Multilingual host at major events at blue chip level, including press conferences, product launches, presentations at intenational fairs and conferences. A highlight must have been hosting a corporate gala event in Finland  for an audience of 1500 selected VIPs.

TV Producer (1998 – 1999) Production of entire one hour motorsport programs in broadcasting format, including planning/booking, pre-edit, clip-selection, cutting, final editing, scripting, documentation, taping race commentary, the whole deal. Examples: 6th Bathurst 1000 Australia – 1998; Karting Thunder Helsinki, Finland – 1998; NASCAR Winston Cup Sears Point, USA – 1999.

New Media Consultant (1999-2008) Senior consultant regarding multimedia production and multilingual content for blue chip B2C websites (HondaF1.com, Redein.com.br, Valtra.com, Ayrton Senna Racing Collection.com), Personality websites (MarcSurer.com, MaxWilson.com) and TV-productions (F1 Digital Plus by Formula One Management, Eurosport). More recently head of online projects at Swiss publishing company Motor Presse Schweiz.

Mario Bauer & Bernie Ecclestone, 2007

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12 thoughts on “THE MAN BEHIND P1Mag

  1. Hi Mario
    Great blog, I really enjoy it. If I can ask you a favour. There was an entry last year – April 28, about Lauda’s first win at the 1974 Spanish GP. There was a wonderful photo of Lauda about to cross the finish line with the checkered flag guy in the red pants and Montezemolo next to him. I love this photo. By any chance, do you have a large version, that can be printed in A5 or A4 format? Please let me know, I really appreciate it.
    Best Regards

  2. I’m afraid I can’t be of any help, Igor. I got most of these pics as part of a huge arquive and all I do is use them in the blog. And when I do so, they’re scaled down to the size you see here: 360×250 pixels.

    Sorry not being able to help.


  3. Hi Craig,

    my aim is to fine tune P1 Mag in its current guise as a preparartion for a global plattform and in English language. I’ve got a target for the time frame, the following months will tell whether we can make that happen according to plan.

    Anyone interested in being part of such a project, please leave you message, I’ll get in touch.


  4. Mario, I have absolutely no knowledge of the German language, but I have a very good command of English and Portuguese. If I can be of any help, please get in touch so we can discuss what you need and check if I fit the “job”.

    Have a nice week and keep up with the wonderful job.

  5. Mario,
    Apenas encontrei o seu blog pesquisando para escrever um pouco sobre a F1 do meu tempo de garoto. Um post incidental.
    Parabéns pelo trabalho.
    Saudações Cariocas

  6. Your information on Ed Elisian is incorrect. He was not responsible in any way for the 1955 Vukovich crash. Indeed, he stopped to help his friend and honored for doing so. However, after a spectacular qualification run for the 1958 Indy 500 he was in part responsible for the multicar crash on lap one that resulted in the death of Pat O’Connor.

  7. Dear Steven, rest assured I haven’t invented it! The sources I had access to tell this story. But I’ll be happy to check other sources. Any on offer? Besides: Woulnd’t it be a good idea to post that below the article concerned…?

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